Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DeBrock Galleria

I'm happy to announce that I am now showing and selling some of my artwork at a real, actual art gallery. The gallery is called "DeBrock Galleria" and is located at 106 N. State Street, Geneseo, Illinois. For all of my out-of-state fans and friends, Geneseo is located off of Interstate 80 in northern Illinois. If you happen to be traveling by on vacation this summer, it's worth the effort to stop in and check it out. Geneseo is a cool little town with a thriving arts community.

DeBrock Galleria is owned by Wendy and Ron DeBrock. As a weird little side note, Ron was the first newspaper editor to run one of my editorial cartoons back in 1991. So this whole cartoon thing is kind of his fault. Who am I kidding? It's all his fault.

Personally, I will be showing and selling some of my comic strip art from "Nothing is not Something" along with a whole bunch of other things I've been working on through the years ranging from paintings and drawings to caricature work and birdhouses and everything in between. I'm sure that some of the wood burnings and works from Sawdust and Paint will also make it down there. With any luck, I might even be selling a book or two from that location in the semi-near future. Who knows? I'll be sure to put photos up on this blog, Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social media outlet there is, until my very name causes you to become nauseated.

So stop by and say hi to Wendy and Ron. You might even get to meet Laura, a very talented young artist that has been working at the shop when I've stopped by. They're all good people.

You can check out their website at


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