Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Important Message For My Readers

There will be no column from me for the newspaper this Saturday. Management has informed me that I have to take a forklift training class. Therefore, the award-winning writer/cartoonist/illustrator in me has developed an unpleasant attitude.

But be sure to checkout "Nothing is not Something" on the Go Comics website. With every subscription I get, I am that much closer to telling them where they can stick their forklift.

That is all.

Please be sure to check out my comic strip "Nothing is not Something" on the Go Comics website. You can find it by clicking here. The more subscribers I get, the better. Thank-you in advance. 

If you get a chance, please check out some of the other stuff I've got going:

"Nothing is not Something" on GO Comics.
"Nothing is not Something" on Facebook.
"Nothing is not Something" on Twitter.

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Greg Wallace Ink on Twitter.

Sawdust & Paint on Facebook

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