Tuesday, November 27, 2012

With Sincerest Regrets ...

I started out the third week of "Nothing is not Something" on the GO Comics website with 1,300 subscribers to the comic strip. I have no idea if that is good or bad because I have nothing to reference that number to, but all I know is that it's more than the zero subscribers that I had before this whole thing started.

For the most part, comments have been fairly complimentary. I've only had one day that I actually angered anybody but I imagine those things will happen. The person was mad that I apparently singled out a group of people that suffered from a terrible affliction. I believe that they are possibly waiting for an apology for this comic strip which was done "in extremely poor taste." They might be waiting for quite awhile.

My theory is that eventually, given enough time, I will offend everybody who reads the strip in one way or another. "In poor taste" is a phrase I've heard used to describe my work for quite some time now and I've actually gotten kind of used to it. I'm not out to win a Nobel Peace Prize, I'm just trying to fill up a rectangular piece of paper with some scribbles everyday that if nothing else, humor me.

If my comic strip offends you to the point that your blood pressure rises significantly when viewing it, "Nothing is not Something" is probably not for you. May I suggest "Marmaduke" or "Ziggy" which can also be found on the GO Comics website. Both are fine comic strips with much less possibility to offend.

I have been married for over twenty-one years now and believe me, I know when I need to apologize for something. I've done it thousands of times. Possibly millions. Apologizing for my work just isn't something I plan on doing. If I have ever or will ever hurt your feelings with one of my goofy comic strips, I feel badly for that. There, that's it, the closest you'll get to an apology from me.

Besides, many of my strips center around overweight, balding, stupid, middle-aged white guys. Since I suffer from all of those afflictions, I'd have to apologize to myself every time I picked up a pen.

You can find "Nothing is not Something" on GO Comics at http://www.gocomics.com/nothing-is-not-something. You can also find the comic strip on Facebook at this link and on Twitter at this link.


  1. I understand why folks were upset by the cartoon.

    I also understand your point of view. As long as you don't use or reference the word "retard" I will continue to be a fan of your work. There is a disability in my family and that word always hits just a little too close to home.

    Folks have the option of moving on just as you said.

    I eagerly await your 'toons about overweight, balding, stupid, middle-aged white guys. Could ya throw in a couple about middle-aged, fat guys with short man bullying syndrome? (aka Napoleon complex) I have one in my family and your take on them would help me cope.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The only thing worse than a reaction is indifference.

    People are talking - congrats. :)